What Are Your Team Workspace Preferences?

Last week I attended a Stanford Graduate School of Business learning experience led by Professor of Organizational Behavior, Lindred Greer. The content was focused on team effectiveness. One exercise we did helped me better understand how everyone has different preferences for what their ideal workspace would look like.

Try this exercise with your team. You might have fun and learn something helpful.

Directions: Take five minutes to reflect on what you prefer when it comes to the setup of your workspace, design a title for this workspace, and describe what such a workspace would look like. The title can be serious or funny as long as it clearly expresses your individual preference for your workspace setup (i.e., The Candy Factory, An Oasis of Rest, etc.)

My Workspace Title:______________________________________

My Workspace Description:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Once everyone on your team has finished writing, spend five minutes sharing your workspace title and description with your teammates.