Leaders Must Stop Doing 7 Things

As a leader, I want to have maximum influence. I am sure you feel the same way. For years, others I respect have recommended I start doing this or that to improve my leadership. However, very little talks ever focused on what I must stop doing. Over time, my start list grew, but my stop list remained short.

Enough of that. What to do?

I discovered helpful lessons from both healthy and unhealthy leaders, volunteers that I served alongside, and through personal failures.

Leaders must stop...

  1. Winging it - abandon laziness and embrace the hard work
  2. Pointing fingers - if it failed, own it...if it succeeded, give credit
  3. Micromanaging talent - skilled team members want trust and freedom
  4. Thinking about today - shortsightedness limits the why, what, and how
  5. Sweating what they cannot control - guide and shape what matters most
  6. Thinking they know it all - humility is more attractive and memorable
  7. Never giving up - sometimes they must end ideas, relationships, and habits