Caution: Do Not Send That Email


Have you ever drafted an email, clicked that little send button and later wished you never had?

Remember the volunteer that irritated you? Perhaps it was a guest that wrote something nasty to you and caught you on a bad day. Or, was it a colleague?

I remember several years ago sending an email to two leaders who made decisions that negatively impacted me. Guess what? It backfired. Both of them shared the email with others and put a twist on it. At first, I blamed them for creating increased drama. At the end of the day, I was responsible for clicking send and I needed to own that decision.

Lesson learned.

Now, I type out emails and save them as drafts.  I DON'T press send.

Once, I felt a friend was mistreating our relationship in a significant way. So, I...

  • went into my office
  • opened up Gmail
  • clicked compose mail
  • typed out an email
  • saved as a draft
  • never sent the email
Be cautious when that send button appears attractive. If sent, the result is often NOT advantageous.

Making a decision to not click send helps me avoid:

  • killing a relationship
  • robbing future opportunities
  • developing the reputation of being "that" guy
  • sharing my feelings and thoughts that could be forwarded to anyone
  • being a poor example as a Christ-follower
You should send an email to someone when it includes helpful information and affirmation.

Here is a helpful flowchart to help you decide whether it's worth sending an email.