Why People Volunteer

People volunteer for different reasons.

Have you ever asked your team members why they serve? I decided to ask a number of my team members and discovered eight reasons why they intentionally choose to volunteer:

  1. Give back
  2. Be a part of something bigger than themselves
  3. Make a tangible difference
  4. Use a gift or skill set God has given to them
  5. Help a church pursue and achieve its mission
  6. Be part of a team that has fun caring for others
  7. They can see themselves doing what they see being done
  8. It's an easy first step to get involved at the church

If I am smart, I am going to discover what motivates my volunteers and use that to show personalized appreciation. If those eight reasons are true for all of our volunteers, why not highlight them throughout the organization to appeal to others that might be looking for a place to serve with the same motivation? 

Be bold and ask your team members why they volunteer. You might be pleased. You might be surprised. Their responses could influence your volunteer strategy.