What's Familiar is Not Often What's Better

Remember Daniel Boone?

Boone went on a two-year trip to explore what was beyond the original thirteen colonies. Upon returning home, he packed up his family and influenced less than fifty settlers to go with him to establish Boonesborough, Kentucky. This would be one of the first American settlements (English-speaking) west of the Appalachians.

In 1775, thirty axmen cut about 500 miles through the Cumberland Gap into the Kentucky Valley, which became known as the Wilderness Road.

For twenty years, more than 250,000 people used this rough, steep, and narrow trail to enter Kentucky. 

What can we learn from Daniel Boone?

  1. What's familiar is not often what's better.
  2. Find a direction and move forward.
  3. Give potential risk a nod.
  4. Demonstrate courage even if alone.
  5. Give people a vision of the picture in your mind.
  6. Influence them to go with you.
  7. Go already.
  8. Recognize that many will benefit because you were willing.