Saturday Rundown #31

Does passion come first or does commitment to something come first and passion follow? Depends on who you ask. I am perplexed by some who say they are not going to do something (at work) because they don't have a passion for it. Why not do it and see if a passion develops. Sometimes the passion that is discovered is not about the actual thing you are doing but about something else in the process. Perhaps too many people sit around and wait to be passionate about something instead of doing something and seeing if passion follows.

The Ultimate Guide to Reinvent Yourself

There comes a time in everyone's life when it is time to hit the reset button. Proactively doing so could prevent you from unnecessary situations, negative feelings, and setbacks.

Pocket / 4 minutes

3 Ideas for Inspiring Others

Every person in the world needs a kind word. Yes, you too. So, what does it look like to be a person who loves affirming others?

Dan Cathy / 2 minutes

11 Ways to Retain Your Volunteers

One of the best ways to build your volunteer team is to keep the ones you already have on the team. There are seasons and situations where it can feel like a revolving door. Some of that is normal. How do you keep from it always being the norm?

Church Leaders / 4 minutes

10 Examples of Great Customer Service

Regardless of the size of your church or organization, consistency is the key to being great. Sometimes it's helpful to hear about how others are doing it so well. 

Small Business Trends / 8 minutes

5 Ways to Create a Great Culture

Building a culture does not happen overnight. However, with intentionality it can happen quicker than you think. The leader has to model the culture he/she wants to create. What else is required?

4 Sight Group / 4 minutes

The Importance of the Manager

The largest global study on the future of work reveals just how important the manager (leader) is to everyone. With the leadership of the manager, a healthy culture can be created.

Slideshare / 8 minutes

When We Stop Doing What Made Us Great

Every church and organization has a day one. There is also day two and beyond. Often when we do the routine and what is familiar, care can slip and greatness is no longer experienced by the guest. Get it back.

Josh Linkner / 2 minutes

One-Sentence Wisdom

"Everyone loves the honest person until the honest person person strikes a chord with a truth they weren't ready to receive."
~ Anthony O'Neal, Author and Speaker

Bonus (aka Free)

Use this anti-misery worksheet to gauge employee engagement in your workplace.

The Table Group

Jason Young