Saturday Rundown #30

Confession time: I love getting things done. I recall reading in the book, Present Over Perfect, about our addiction to motion. Put that together alongside a recent chat with Dr. Richard Blackaby where he talked about praying over your calendar and you have a decision to make. I don't pray over my calendar but I should. I must allow margin to see more moments as divine interventions instead of interruptions. Blackaby said, "Every conversation matters. You don't know what's at stake." Pray over your calendar and every conversation scheduled and unscheduled.

Toxic Work Culture Forcing High Performers Out

A toxic work environment makes going to work feel terrible. If you have had that experience, you know. If high performers are disengaged or lack enthusiasm, toxicity may exist. What does a toxic work environment look like?

LinkedIn / 7 minutes

6 Elements of a Million-Dollar Brand 

What if you thought of yourself as a brand? That possibly feels weird, I know. Check out what you can extrapolate from million-dollar brands that could increase your influence.

Entrepreneur / 3 minutes

Coaching vs. Feedback

It is hammered into people to give and receive feedback but is that even right? In fact, feedback is integrated into almost every aspect of our lives. People don't want it. They want attention.

Marcus Buckingham / 2 minutes

Enjoy the Now

What can you learn from a businesswoman who launched a luxury beauty salon that specializes in eyelash extensions and lash lifts with only $1,000? Read this interview about how and why she does what she does and what you could learn. 

Idea Mensch / 6 minutes

Make Customer Engagement Your Competitive Advantage

There is a difference in customer satisfaction and customer engagement. The right focus and the right talent increases customer impact, which significantly increases engagement. Does your team aim for satisfaction or something more?

Gallup / 4 minutes

Increase Self Awareness with One Simple Fix

Watch and listen to an organizational psychologist dissect common misbeliefs about introspective thinking and provide a simple way to get to know ourselves a little better.

TED / 17 minutes

Help Your Greeters Make A Great Impression 

Are you a greeter or do you lead a team of greeters? Often the first people to interact with guests are in this role. Super important. What are practical ways to enhance the experience every greeter provides? Watch. 

Life.Church Open Network / 8 minutes

One-Sentence Wisdom

"You know what's on your schedule for you, but you don't know what's on God's schedule for you."
~ Dr. Richard Blackaby, Author and Speaker

Bonus (aka Free)

10 reports to share with your leaders in 2019. These could be game-changers.


Jason Young