Saturday Rundown #29

One of my favorite communicators is Andy Stanley. People often ask what he's like and what I learned from him having worked at North Point Ministries for seven years. Here are four things I have learned from him:

  1. Give people opportunity.

  2. Trust people to do the work.

  3. Ask questions and learn.

  4. Lead with humility.

Help Your Team Feel Like First-Time Guests

Helping your guest services team requires you to keep it fresh. How? Here are five training experiences that a volunteer could connect with emotionally in their serving.

Unseminary / 6 minutes

Learn to Like Rejection 

What is rejection? How can leaders use rejection? Jia Jiang decided to seek out rejection for 100 straight days. Learn what he learned and it might turn things around for you.

Global Leadership / 3 minutes

Why Do You Feel So Lonely?

You and I are wired for connection. What happens when we don't have it? Loneliness comes knocking. How can you work through feeling lonely and come out on the other side?

Psychology Today / 5 minutes

Keeping Your Bench Engaged

Having talent playing now is important but building a talented bench is critical to winning. Leaders, staff or volunteers, can lead where they are if you foster the space for them to do so.

Mark Miller / 2 minutes

Practicing Radical Trust

Great leaders trust first instead of running a test to see if someone is good enough to earn it. Trust celebrates the innate dignity of every person.

LinkedIn / 2 minutes

What Mentors Wish Their Mentees Knew

A mentor/coach is needed regardless of your role. What if you could get insight in order to gain an edge with your mentor. Learn from research so time with your mentor/coach can take you further faster.

HBR / 5 minutes

Team Member Experience Impacts Guest Experience 

If you lead a team of any size, how you care for each person will directly impact how they care for your guests. 

LinkedIn / 2 minutes

One-Sentence Wisdom

"You can either choose courage or you can choose comfort, but you cannot choose both."
~ Brene Brown, Author and Research Professor

Bonus (aka Free)

You like options? Here are 17 emotional intelligence assessments (along with lots of other helpful information).

Positive Psychology

Jason Young