Saturday Rundown #27

Have you ever found yourself doing the same things you've done before and while hoping for something different (but not getting it)? Does that frustrate you? You might be doing it wrong. Let me explain. I have discovered that for me to get something new done with a meaningful impact, I have to think differently. For me, and possibly for you, spending time discovering a new way to think is a wiser approach if I want to do something new and have it last. I guess Apple was onto something when it embraced the let's think different mindset.

James Harden and Creativity

When you are one of the best basketball players in the world, you have nothing new to create or work on, right? Houston Rocket's James Harden works on one new and creative element every offseason. He believes he has to get better every year in order to have an advantage over his competition. He does so by maximizing creative thinking.

ESPN / 1 minute

Quiet Leadership is Still Leadership 

It takes emotional intelligence, and a bit of practice, to exert positive influence out of the spotlight. There are some acts of leadership that most people see but what about the other parts of one's leadership that generate very little discussion? Is that still leading?

Fast Company / 4 minutes

Build it for the Guest 

Spending time with guests informs how to better build something for them. What if a new and smarter approach to designing remarkable guest experiences focused on being simple? Perhaps the smart way is the simple way.

Disney Institute / 2 minutes

Your Professional Role, Failure, and Identity

When you don't do well, or totally fail, at work, does your identity take a hit? We have to learn to distinguish and differentiate our roles from our self. Identifying less with your role allows you to live into the role more fully and happily. 

HBR / 5 minutes

Should You Treat Workers Like Family?

The answer to that question could be a mixed blessing. There are attractional elements to it as a team member and challenging elements to it as the employer. Is it worth it?

Fortune / 5 minutes

Designing Empathy Into Customer Experience

Listen in as Dr. Rob Walker and Blake Morgan navigate what including empathy looks like when you are intentionally building a customer journey map. Making conversations one-to-one and taking their perspective can create the experience every customer wants with your organization.

Blake Morgan / 31 minutes

One-Sentence Wisdom

"A leader is a dealer in hope."
~ Napolean Bonaparte, French Revolution Military Leader

Bonus (aka Free)

Have you ever heard of the SCARF model? Measure how you and others feel about threats and rewards.

NeuroLeadership Institute 

Jason Young