Saturday Rundown #28

Identifying what to measure is important because it can inform what and why something might be working or not working. However, what often gets overlooked is measuring the impact of words and decisions. As leaders, we must consider how personal and powerful our words are to others. We must also consider the long-term impact of our decisions. What is said to someone or decided today will have a significant impact in the coming days. Don't underestimate your words or decisions.

Your Parking Team Matters

A parking team is positioned to be the bookends of any experience. Anyone on a parking team should focus more on guiding people than directing cars. They are thermostats and set the temperature of what every guest will experience.

Danny Franks / 3 minutes

How Do You Coach People? 

If you are going to be an organization that values leadership development, you will need to prioritize coaching and have a model for how to do it. Learn from the former CEO of Popeye's.

Cheryl Bachelder / 2 minutes

President of United Airlines Responds to Mistake

Leaders make mistakes. How should leaders respond? United's President sent an email to employees after they made a poor decision related to bonuses. Leaders listen. Leaders respond. 

Inc. / 3 minutes

Navy Seals Teach Leading Through Change

Change is a consistent reality. Navy Seals are familiar with murky water and situations involving volatile change. Leaders also encounter murkiness in various situations that will involve change. How can a leader lead through change?

Forbes / 7 minutes

Bend the Curve

Get more production in any business. Think inside the box and burn the ships. Don't allow constraints to create fear. You have everything you need to be able to do everything you are supposed to do.

Global Leadership / 4 minutes

Build Peaks and Don't Build Potholes

When anyone thinks of experiences, we remember moments. Great experiences hinge on moments.  Find and create opportunities where peaks are designed for every guest.

YouTube / 4 minutes

What Makes a CEO Successful? 

Imagine 5 million leaders analyzed in order to figure out what makes a CEO successful. These leaders are masters of competing competencies - pairs of psychometric traits that appear to be at odds with each other.

World Economic Forum / 3 minutes

One-Sentence Wisdom

"How you lead matters more than you can imagine."
~ Craig Groeschel, Pastor and Author

Bonus (aka Free)

The Enneagram is being used a lot right now. Knowing how to lead and work with each enneagram type can make life better.

Ian Morgan Cron

Jason Young