Saturday Rundown #25

Has there ever been a day where you just weren't feeling it? Maybe you have felt that way about a work project. Perhaps it's been a conversation needing to be had. Regardless, you just didn't want to do it but knew you needed to get it done. Discipline - the one word can get you across the bridge from where you are to done. Too often, we wait until we feel like it before moving forward but we must embrace discipline and keep moving forward. Recently, I was not feeling it when it came to writing but leaned into the discipline anyways. Is it magical? Nope. You still do it. Keep doing it. Watch what happens!

Kodak Too Little Too Late

Did you know that Kodak originally created the digital camera? Yes. Why in the world did we not know this information? The designer/creator was to told to shelf it even. Nobody else was doing it and film was selling well. Even when film was declining, Kodak dug in their heels and staked their claim on it. Digital then took over and Kodak was too late.

Ozy / 4 minutes

13 Guest Experience Stories to Make You Smile 

There are just some good heartwarming stories that make you smile. Stories can inspire you to be more and do more. Enjoy 13 stories about guests and why you will want to deliver the same level of attentive service.

Help Scout / 14 minutes

The Secret to Leading Organizational Change is Empathy

What if you were told that how you communicate information during a change is more important than what you communicate? There has to be a considerable amount of audience empathy to prevent change from failing.

HBR / 4 minutes

7 Ways to Give Guests a Frustration-Free Experience

There are strategic and "cheap" ways to enhance the guest experience. In fact, make it frustration-free. How? Think about it from the guest's perspective. You come at it from a familiar side and the guest does not. Therefore, remove obstacles and offer them the best experience of their lives.

Christianity Today / 5 minutes

The Real Problem Behind Not Letting Women Lead

The church can sometimes become known for preventing women from leading even teaching that women are inferior to men. Yes, some churches still believe this. The church often cites a scripture but out of context. They share a story or a piece of legislation that doesn't help from the biblical perspective so they can work from home.

Sarah B. Anderson / 7 minutes

5 Conversations to Have with Team Members

Investing in each team member is beneficial to the company and to you as a leader. So, put people investment as a high priority and talk with them about their strengths, goals, and a few other ideas in this piece.

LinkedIn / 5 minutes

How a Guest Experiences Parking by Enneagram Number

The Enneagram assessment is hot right now. I hear people describe themselves in terms of a number. What if you could think about the guest experience based on how a guest thinks and feels?

Greg Curtis / 1 minute

One-Sentence Wisdom

"Before you can get people to change their behavior, they have to change their attitudes, and before they can change their attitudes, they have to understand there's a situation that needs to be viewed differently."
~ Kelly Leonard & Tom Yorton, Authors

Bonus (aka Free)

Feedback is important. We all give it. We all receive it. Here are eight ways to change the feedback response.


Jason Young