Saturday Rundown #23

Anxiety and depression can find anyone anywhere. It has even found me at different points in my life. So, maybe that's you. You could even be a closet struggler. In other words, you don't feel that you can struggle in front of others. You tell yourself you have to have it all together when you know you don't.

What to do?

Feeling anxious or depressed isn't bad. It gets hard to move forward if you can't vocalize it. It gets dangerous when you go it alone. Surround yourself with helpful and encouraging voices.

Science of Asking Powerful Questions

Great leaders know how to ask powerful questions. Science can be a helpful tool to assist you in speaking less in periods and more in question marks.

We and Me / 5 minutes

5 Needs Guests Have Coming to Your Church 

What if you could have a better knowledge of what guests need when they come to your church? If you could identify those needs, you could tailor an experience where they feel it's just for them. It's actually possible.

Unseminary / 6 minutes

8 Female Leaders Gave Up These Habits

Eight impressive female executives realized there were habits to give up in order to go forward. These leaders decided to pay attention to negative patterns and do something about it. Most of what they gave up might be the very thing or phrase you use all too often.

Fast Company / 7 minutes

America's Loneliness Epidemic in the Workplace

Most people at work would say they are not lonely. Is it true though? Does work and screentime crowd out everything except superficial relationships? Maybe.

Connection Culture / 7 minutes

You, the Volunteer, Matter

What a volunteer does, matters. Who a volunteer is, matters. Volunteers communicate value when they choose to do what they love to do even when they don't feel like showing up. If you volunteer, this message matters. If you lead volunteers, share this message with them.

Danny Franks / 2 minutes

Empathy is Key to Organizational Change

There comes a point in any organization or church where change is necessary. What's the key to making that change successful? Processes? Systems? People in the right seat on the bus? What if the one element needed is the one thing is almost always forgotten? Empathy.

Harvard Business Review / 4 minutes

Teaching Your Volunteer Teams Your Systems and Processes

You have systems and processes. They are important. You want your volunteers to know all of them. How can you effectively communicate? There are five simple ideas to make that happen.

Sunday Mag / 4 minutes

You Deserve a Better Job (and Boss)

What if rejection is about being redirected? Imagine working at a place and for someone where you are celebrated and not just tolerated. Too frequently, we forget our worth and accept something we should not or stay at a place when we need to leave.

LinkedIn / 2 minutes

One-Sentence Wisdom

"Do something quietly that will make someone successful."
~ Jason Young, Author & Communicator


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