Saturday Rundown #24

I often tell my kids that you can always wish you had said something but you cannot take back something you already said. Not long ago I was in a meeting and some things were said and I desperately wanted to give a sharper response than I did but decided it was not worth it. I took an extra few seconds to calculate and measure the impact of my words. Consider moments. Consider words. Consider influence. Consider reputation.

10 Things About Zappos Customer Service

Zappos is obsessed with caring for every customer with remarkable attention and empathy. So much so that Amazon acquired them for billions of dollars to get the Zappos culture to enhance their own. They have figured out how to wow each person. How do they do it?

Zappos / 4 minutes

Bouncing Back from Rejection 

The feeling of rejection is painful. That moment of being rejected, regardless of where it comes from, can divert you to go into an unhealthy direction. What if you could change your mind about rejection and use it for your own good?

LinkedIn / 2 minutes

101 of the Best Customer Experience Quotes

There are some quotes you underline and even write down so you can integrate them in your life. I will save you lots of reading and give you the top quotes for how to care for a guest.

Blake Morgan / 11 minutes

A Culture of Development Required

How people behave, perform, and contribute depends on whether they can adapt to new challenges. This is something many organizations aren't focusing on because they are caught up with assembling the smartest people versus the people who want to develop their skills.

Neuroleadership Institute / 2 minutes

The Importance of Introspection in Leadership

Clarity wins. Getting clarity is not always easy but it is possible. One way is taking time to look inward. However, life is busy and people move swiftly from one thing to the next. What if you could move from just putting out fires to having clarity for long-term success?

Key Step Media / 3 minutes

You Aren't Just Volunteering

You are just a volunteer. Nope, you're not. You are more. You can become so familiar with what you do each time as a volunteer that it becomes automatic. Instead, remind yourself that you are a practical expression of God's love. He trusts you to represent him well.

Lebo Consulting Group / 2 minutes

Cheap and Efficient Grocery Store Upending Supermarkets

A small grocery store is disrupting with other supermarkets. Even the big stores. Their creative and simple approach inspires other leaders to not be afraid of competition but to take it on and figure out how to beat them.

CNN / 15 minutes

Small, Atomic Habits Make a Huge Difference

What if making small decisions and creating tiny habits allowed you to achieve more of what you wanted and beyond? This interview between Craig Groeschel and author, James, Clear, might just be the best thing you listened to this weekend.

Craig Groeschel Podcast / 48 minutes

Keep Your Ambitious Employees from Leaving

Keeping top talent on your team is often underestimated. It should be in the forefront of what is important. Compensation can be thought of as the priority, but it is not always the case, especially with a younger generation in the workplace.

Fast Company / 5 minutes

One-Sentence Wisdom

"Isn't it funny how day by day that nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different."
~ C.S. Lewis, Author


Neuroscience can shed a lot of light on how you can better lead. The Neuroleadership Institute published a whitepaper in April 2019 on how to transform performance management with a growth mindset approach.


Jason Young