Saturday Rundown #22

Have you ever felt blindsided? I have. In fact, I experienced it this week. The question is not if you will ever be blindsided; rather, what will you do when it happens? Realize emotions can quickly eclipse rationale thoughts and a healthy response. So, when something or someone blindsides you...

  • Breathe

  • Don't freak out (watch your face)

  • You don't have to verbally speak in the moment

  • Listen and learn if it applies

  • Consider your options

  • Avoid letting one moment influence every other moment

  • Move forward

Making Extraordinary Connections

You often hear, "Snap out of it." What if snapping into it was a secret from moving an ordinary moment into an extraordinary connection. Seeing each other is what we all need. Connecting with another person can happen in everyday moments.

YouTube / 15 minutes

Listen to Your Guests

Simple is the new smart. How do you simplify the guest experience? What if increased listening was the secret sauce? This can help in both solicited and unsolicited interactions. Create them. Take advantage of the organic moments. What guests say could be the tipping point of creating something new.

Disney Institute / 2 minutes

Valuable One-On-One Meetings

One-on-one meetings can be helpful or a waste of time. You have probably experienced both. These important face-to-face gatherings can be opportunities for engagement and demonstrating care. Preparation, asking helpful questions, and listening are essential to making time matter.

Medium / 5 minutes

Your Role Versus Your Goal

Your role is ________. That is often the focus. What about your goal? Great leaders don't set out to be a leader. They set out to make a difference. Leading and caring go hand in hand.

LinkedIn / 1 minute

Your Company's Culture and You

Healthy work culture is critical. You are important. Is your work culture the right fit for you? There are some questions to ask and identifying markers to pay attention to before you say yes to a job. You want the best fit for both of you.

Harvard Business Review / 9 minutes

Deliver Amazing Work

Should you be at work early? That is the question posed but maybe there is a more important question to get you further faster. Choosing to ask the right question can help you be so good people can't ignore you.

Global Leadership Network / 2 minutes

8 Fresh Guest Experience Ideas to Steal

Often times it is doing the simple things that make a huge difference. One way is to survey the landscape of what other organizations are doing and figuring out if they would work in your context. Choosing the right idea could boost your guest's happiness, which is an easy way to get them to come back.

Neil Patel / 5 minutes

Learn from Rejection

Rejection is a normal part of life. Does it feel good? No. Will it happen anywhere and everywhere? Yes. Learn from what one guy did intentionally seeking rejection for 100 days. What happened could help you discover what you really want.

Ted / 15 minutes

One-Sentence Wisdom

"When preparing a lesson plan, determining what a student should be able to do is far more effective than determining what the student should know."
~ Anders Ericsson, Author


Getting something diagnosed is helpful so you can know how to make it better. What do successful people do differently? This diagnostic tool will help you.

9 Things 

Jason Young