Saturday Rundown #21

Last year I was doing a few events for Chick-fil-A alongside Horst Schulze, founder of The Ritz-Carlton Hotels, when he said every guest wants three things whether at a church or business.

  1. The product must be defect free.

  2. The product must be delivered in a timely fashion.

  3. The experience must be driven with guest care.

I have since processed our guest and volunteer experiences through these things. It sure can reveal a lot.

You Are What You Say

Research reveals that the traits you say about others are directly attributed to you. Trait transference and trait inference are real and the implications are palpable.

Psychology Today / 3 minutes

Consumers Shifting Expectations to Personalizations

Hotels are good examples of what guests want in an experience. There are preferences guests want and they are willing to make sacrifices in order to receive them. Research says one area of a hotel is its greatest resource. I wonder what it means for your organization.

Hospitality Net / 4 minutes

Be Interested Before Being Interesting

Building actual relationships instead of just living transactionally will benefit two people: you and the person in front of you. Enjoy learning about people and their experiences.

LinkedIn / 4 minutes

The Secret to Spreading Ideas

Why did the Segway not gain as much ground since inception whereas the grocery cart took off? It all had to do with the idea and how one idea moved. There are secrets that can be understood to help spread your ideas.

YouTube / 9 minutes

CEO Pays for Employee Vacations

More employees are leaving unused vacation days on the table at the end of the year. What if the owner of your organization contributed $2,000 toward your vacation? One CEO does just that and his turnover is nearly nothing and productivity is extremely high.

Business Insider / 2 minutes

Package a Frustration-Free Guest Experience

Churches often make it difficult to attend. Your unchurched neighbors have a lot of options on how they spend their time. Anything that shortens the distance between a guest and Jesus is what a welcoming and comfortable church is all about.

Christianity Today / 5 minutes

5 Rejection Statements For Your Soul

What you say to yourself is a significant contributor to how you feel about yourself. Self-talk can trap you. Most days the greatest battle is between your ears. What should you reject so your soul can be healthy?

Lebo Consulting Group / 1 minute

Ego is the Enemy of Good Leadership

When the ego gets tickled, it grows. You get that promotion or increased responsibilities. You acquire power and people want to please you more. Having an inflated ego effects behavior, values, and vision. Don't let it.

Harvard Business Review / 5 minutes

One-Sentence Wisdom

"The essence of leadership is holding your people to the highest possible standard while taking the best possible care of them."
~ John Eades, CEO, LearnLoft


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