Saturday Rundown #20

1. Invite someone into leadership sooner than they think they should be invited.
2. Give away more to others when tempted to hold on.
3. Celebrate one person this week for something very specific.
4. Be so good others can't ignore you.
5. Decide how you want people to feel when they walk away from you.
6. Elevate the dignity of every guest you meet.
7. Invest extra time to develop a leader.
8. Walk slowly around the office to observe something new about someone.
9. Pause long enough to focus on being not just doing.

Your Responsibility is Awesome

You represent your organization to everyone you speak with or meet. What if the way you and/or your team saw your role could be elevated, which would then elevate the experience for the guest? You could be the only person a guest interacts with at your organization, which means you are the organization to that person. Your responsibility is awesome.

Shep Hyken / 2 minutes

Look for One Thing After Interviewing Someone

After interviewing a candidate, what should you expect or what would surprise you? This business professional believes a handwritten note should not be sent; rather, an email. Some readers got angry about it. What do you think?

Business Insider / 2 minutes

Nurture Creativity at Work

A 2019 LinkedIn Global Talent Trend report reveals the number one skill desired by organizations is creativity. The same organizations that say that want it struggle with fostering the environment that will allow it to thrive. How can any leader in any organization make sure creativity is not in short supply?

LinkedIn / 5 minutes

30 Customer Service Tips

Did you know that the top two reasons organizations fail when interacting with guests is bad training and bad hiring? Keeping a guest delighted with your brand, whether a company or church, is possible with some helpful tips from experts at Nextiva.

Nextiva / 30 minutes

The Myth of Self Control

Human beings are terrible at resisting temptation. Conversations are had all the time about demonstrating better self-control. Maybe worshipping self-control is part of the problem. There are some lessons we can learn from those good at exhibiting this necessary discipline.

Vox / 8 minutes

How Improv Can Help You at Work

Improv comedians are incredible to watch. They actively listen. They know just what to say or not say. They have the ability to keep a scene moving along. Their tips and tricks can be applied to any person in any situation. Oh, there are two words they can teach you that might just change everything.

Ladders / 4 minutes

Think Like an Entrepreneur in Any Role

The definition and description of an entrepreneur has changed over time. It's no longer just someone who starts a company. Rather, it is broader. What if more people thought like an entrepreneur regardless of their role in an organization? It could be just what you and/or the organization needs.

Entrepreneur / 3 minutes

Performance Management Must be Feedback Management

So many people who have been fired at work say they never had any feedback about how they were doing and then given the chance to improve. If you are responsible for leading anyone, here are some data-driven tips for reducing surprise and ensuring you are giving your team members the best possible chance at doing well.

Neuroleadership / 3 minutes

Secrets of Success in Luxury Hospitality 

Luxury hospitality is in the midst of reinvention to say the least. What are they doing? This interview with a luxury hospitality expert gives some insight into what decisions are being made and actions are being taken into creating something even more remarkable (think 7-star hotel that really does exist). These ideas can be used in almost any setting.

Trivago / 4 minutes

How to Speak Up When it Matters

Speaking up in a meeting with one person or ten people can be difficult. Research says most people tend not to act and then spend time rationalizing their inaction. Learning how to speak up and create an impact is possible when understanding why you feel the way you do and looking at some ways to lessen the social threat.

HBR / 3 minutes

One-Sentence Wisdom

"Action leads to insight more often than insight leads to action."
~ Chip Heath and Dan Heath, Authors


One thing I love about Life.Church network is the free resources they create for church and business leaders. They provide numerous trainings, videos, podcasts, worksheets, and more. This a church with an incredible senior pastor and over 30 campuses.


Jason Young