Saturday Rundown #17

"Spiritual leadership is moving people onto God's agenda," says Henry Blackaby. That means we invest in people differently. We will look at people differently. We will respond to people differently. We will care about people differently. We guide people differently. Regardless of where we work, we can help people move towards what God wants for them. You and I get to play a really cool role in how people spiritually grow.

Make Kindness a Company Core Tenant

Kindness is contagious. The way to unleash kindness in an organization is to treat it like a contagion, and to create the conditions under which everybody catches it. Using a case study, Mercedes Benz became an example of a grassroots effort to experience kindness among team members so guests could feel it too.

HBR / 4 minutes

A Great Guest Experience at a Child's Ballet

Using a story of a mother taking her son to his first ballet, several lessons were learned. What the dancers and hosts did for him after he realized he was the only boy in the audience will leave you wanting to make moments for your guests better.

Ritz Carlton Leadership Center / 2 minutes

15 Things Chick-fil-A Team Members Know

The epitome of hospitality is Chick-fil-A. What's it really like to work there and what can team members reveal? Go behind the counter to better understand Chick-fil-A and what it could mean for you personally and professionally.

Odyssey / 3 minutes

Encouragement is 51% Leadership

Encouragement is the emotional fuel that enables people to hold longer, reach farther and dig deeper than previously thought possible. Encouragement is on a checklist. It's a way of life. It is just something you should do as a leader.

Dan Reiland / 4 minutes

Maximize How You Listen to Guests

What if you could get more helpful feedback from your guests? Intentionally designing multiple listening posts wherever the guest can share their thoughts and feelings with you is where you will gather a better understanding of their needs, wants, and expectations.

Disney / 2 minutes

Renewing Your Mind is Possible

Are you tired of everything happening between your ears? Need some peace? Think you are alone? You are not. Here is a story from a church staff member who leaned in and navigated anxiety and depression. This might give you hope.

Life.Church / 5 minutes

Focus on Individuals for the Good of the Team 

Former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, has a model he uses: have a coach or be a coach, work with your team, get the best idea through a trust model, and keep it together. Valuing people as individuals while keeping an eye on the needs of the team - and supporting people who do the same - is a coaching-centric model for growth and success. 

MIT / 4 minutes

One-Sentence Wisdom

"Every guest wants a defect-free product, delivered in a timely fashion, and offered up with great care."
~ Horst Schulze, Founder, Ritz-Carlton Hotel Group


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Jason Young