Saturday Rundown #16

You've heard before that timing is everything, right? It's true. You can do the right thing at the wrong time and it not work well. What you do is important. How you do it is important. When you do it is equally important. Timing is everything.

7 Deadly Sins of Guest Services

You write the introduction to a message by how guest services set the stage as people are parking and coming in the building. It isn't if we are sending a message, it's what message are we sending?

JD Greear / 2 minutes

This Matters Most on a Team

Google did a research project and discovered what matters most on any team - trust. Any strong foundation, but especially relationships, must have a foundation of trust. How do you get and keep it? 

Inc / 3 minutes

Create Meaning to Motivate Your Team

Many companies think perks, more money, or promotions is all team members want. However, many team members would trade a portion of their salary for increased meaning at work. Creating that meaning might be easier than you think.

Minute Hack / 6 minutes

5 Dynamics of Effective Teams at Google

Teams are essential to the workplace. We have all been on effective and ineffective teams. What did Google discover through research on being effective? Some of this list might surprise you.

re:Work / 2 minutes

3 Musts for Guest Services in a Church

Sometimes you just need it boiled down to a few bottom lines. This article has musts and questions that can be helpful to building a great guest services ministry.

Vision Room / 2 minutes

The Art of Building a Great Work Culture

At Zappos, CEO Tony Hsieh, will tell you the number one priority is company culture. He believes if you get the culture right, most of everything else will fall into place. Zappos is a customer service company that just happens to sell shoes. Interesting.

Neil Patel / 15 minutes

Parts of Customer Service You Shouldn't Automate

People are inherently social creatures who get emotional and value from seeing and interacting with one another. Technology isn't emotional. Service can be. Technology cannot and should not completely replace humans. If one does, they run the risk of sacrificing a remarkable experience.

Harvard Business Review / 6 minutes

One-Sentence Wisdom

"Spiritual leadership is moving people onto God's agenda."
~ Dr. Richard Blackaby, Author & Communicator


We all could use a little help leading better meetings. Patrick Lencioni has put together seven tools to help anyone wanting to create better meeting experiences.

Table Group

Jason Young