Saturday Rundown #14

I was reading this morning when I came across a two-word phrase: individualized consideration. It got me thinking. Do I give each person individualized concentration or do I offer a one size fits all approach? When people can feel from you and me personalized and intentional consideration for who they are and what they are asking, they walk away with a different feeling. In fact, I ask in any interview, "How do you want people to feel after spending time with you?"

10 Mind-blowing Facts for Your Hospitality Ministry

We have to understand or church guests. Over time, the Auxano team has gathered insights and created tips that can help you design a meaningful and memorable guest experience.

Will Mancini / 3 minutes

Four Day Work Week is Needed

Researchers advocate for a shorter work week. Increased creativity and productivity. Higher quality output. Deeper loyalty to the organization. Incredible benefits. The team member also experiences an increased level of happiness. Why wouldn't we?

World Economic Forum / 3 minutes

Why My Dad Never Made it to VP

A daughter reflects on growing up and the presence of her father and his intentional routine with them. She discovered something when she became an adult - her Dad passed on several promotions in order to protect his family routine. They didn't need more things. They just needed each other. This is a great lesson in filtering decisions through values.

LinkedIn / 3 minutes

Seth Godin Thinks Projects Not Jobs

For over 30 years, Seth Godin has been building and creating ideas and companies. This timeline follows his journey of projects, both small and large, that have been done and what he learned along the way.

Seth Godin / 10 minutes

A Golf Pro Teacher Learns from His Players

Imagine being the top golf coach in the world. Butch Harmon hs helped more golf professionals stay at the top of their game than any other coach. What is the one distinctive about him? He learns from those he coaches, which makes him better at who he is and what he does. We can all learn from those we lead and coach if we are paying attention.

Golf Digest / 12 minutes

Build a Superteam of Volunteers

If you lead any amount of volunteers, you know the days you celebrate them and the moments some can be difficult to lead. What if you could build a super team of ordinary (but motivated) volunteers? 

Forbes / 3 minutes

Is There Value in Attending Your Church?

People are busy. They make time for the things they care about. If they make time to come to church, is it valuable? The people attending your church need to experience the benefit of attending your church.

Dan Reiland / 5 minutes

Netflix Employee Raised the Bar for Awesome Customer Service

You know how it is - reach out to customer service and it's pretty bland, right? Meet Michael at Netflix. He turned a micro-moment into a remarkable and memorable experience for a customer. How? He decided to have fun. Adding in humor and fun can be a difference maker for you, the brand, and the customer.

VentureBeat / 4 minutes

One-Sentence Wisdom

"Improvements happen a bit at a time, not as grand-slam home runs that are easy to get."
~ Seth Godin, Author


Need some helpful resources that you can just make your own? From a sermon series to a survey, here is a kit of hospitality tools for you to use.

Thom Rainer

Jason Young