Saturday Rundown #15

As a leader, I have found that asking myself questions can help with decision making. Try these three questions next time you're thinking through ideas:

  • What's worth starting?

  • What's worth fixing?

  • What's worth ending? 

12 Questions to Help Your Team Win

You either lead a team, work on one, or work with one. What if you could get more relational and organizational wins under your belt by simply asking helpful questions? You grow the most when you ask questions.

Global Leadership Network / 2 minutes

Neuroscience Changes How You See Guests

Applied neuroscience is using neuroscience tools and insights to understand human behavior. How do you capture real data on decision making as it relates to a given situation? Having this type of information allows you to build a predictive map with your guests. 

HBR / 4 minutes

Bad Customers Get Bad Customer Service

Treating an employee responsible for delivering customer service with disrespect can get you a poor experience yet the customer almost always blames the employee. Maybe customers who often receive poor service has more to do with the customer and poor behavior.

Huffington Post / 5 minutes

When Your Passion Stresses You Out

You have a passion or several of them. As good as you are, you might be stressed out. Tired. Perhaps even burned out also known as the consequences of severe stress. Understanding two types of passion might help you identify where you are and how to get back to a healthy place.

Fast Company / 5 minutes

Gauge Emotional Intelligence Through Body Language

Communicating a congruent message with words and body language ensures the right message is delivered. To maximize impact, check yourself in seven simple ways.

Fast Company / 4 minutes

Breaking the Guest Experience

When you better understand the guest, you will create something safe and predictable sprinkling in moments of surprise and delight. A remarkable experience has one rarely felt and yet highly craved element...empathy. 

Sunday Magazine / 4 minutes

Nick Foles and True Leadership

Alshon Jeffrey, wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, had not dropped a pass all game. Would they repeat as Super Bowl Champions? Unfortunately, the game was sealed when quarterback Nick Foles dropped back and zipped a bullet to Jeffrey who had the ball go through his hands and intercepted by the New Orleans Saints. That sealed the game giving a win to the Saints. Jeffrey fell to the ground devastated. Foles had the words his friend and teammate needed to hear. Who needs to hear your encouraging words this week? 

Inc / 2 minutes

Arrange Your Life for Spiritual Transformation

What if arranging your life on purpose, think sacred rhythm, helped you experience a more beautiful world? Everyone longs for more but for more of what and for whom? Thomas Merton said, "...Ask me what I am living for and what I think is keeping me from living fully for that."

Transforming Center / 11 minutes

One-Sentence Wisdom

"It is from our pride that we need, above everything else, to be redeemed."
~ Andrew Murray, Author


Your likability is greater than your leadership ability. You can have leadership skills but if nobody likes you, your influence gets diminished. Also, you can be likable but you must also work on the skills of leadership. Here is a free likability assessment.

Tim Sanders

Jason Young