Saturday Rundown #33

Have you ever walked through a tough time whether it be at work or at home? Have you ever felt like it just couldn't get any better? I bet you have visited both spaces before and that's just it...we visit. There are seasons we need one more than the other even though we prefer only the good. One day when flying to California, I looked over the mountains and thought to myself: We forget the promise of the mountaintop when in the valley and we forget the need for the valley when standing on the mountaintop. Both make us who we are and that can make us better if we embrace both places.

Wisdom for Online Confrontation 

As you know, people share their thoughts online all the time. How can you listen carefully, be slow to anger, and remain calm? Here are 12 quick tips to help.

Christian Leadership Alliance / 3 minutes

Why 'Guest' is Better Than 'Customer'

Language matters. One word can change how a team member sees and treats the person they are to host. That then results in how a person feels.

Fox Business / 2 minutes

9,200 Employee Birthday Cards

You are busy. Me too. This CEO writes a birthday card to very team member. The impact is remarkable. He sees increased compassion, better relationships, and people feeling seen.

Business Insider / 3 minutes

Fewer Ninjas & Rockstars & More Helping Each Others

Too often an organization will celebrate a certain person. Have we gotten away from a community of helpers? When intentional effort is given to another person, it is amazing how that feeling of help makes them feel. 

The Message / 4 minutes

Proactively Respond If You Feel Burned Out

Your job can quickly impact your emotional and mental health. Work can take over your life and burn you out. Don't let it with these 14 tips.

Forbes / 6 minutes

Include Empathy In Your Guest Experience

Talking one-to-one to your guest can make all the difference. What if each person knew you were walking in their shoes? Empathy can be hard to explain but known when seen and felt. Guests want more of it. Give it to them.

Blake Morgan / 31 minutes

Microsoft CEO Has 3 Clever Rules

Rethink culture, talent, operations, and strategy. Change is normal. Surviving and thriving before a crisis forces you to is important. This executive believes reinventing today and building for tomorrow set you up for success.

Inc / 2 minutes

From Teammate to Team Leader

Too many members on a team stay there and then others become leaders of teams. David Ross proves that very fact. MLB pitcher to manager. How did he do it? Maybe it's time for you to do it or to help someone else do it.

Forbes / 4 minutes

One-Sentence Wisdom

"God loves us too much to indulge our every whim."
~ Max Lucado, Author and Pastor

Bonus (aka Free)

Here is a 14-point checkpoint to help you discover both strengths and opportunities for growth around your employee and guest experience.

Arch and Tower

Jason Young