Saturday Rundown #32

Too busy. Too tired. Too distracted. Lots of reasons or excuses to not do the one thing you know you should be doing. For me, it was writing a book. I decided to tweak my schedule. Start and stick with writing no matter what. Yes, it did not seem like progress was being made. However, before long, I saw movement and that created momentum. Choose today to start and stick with whatever it is that needs your time. Sometimes the thing that needs your time is not the same thing that demands your time. Choose wisely.

Kyrie Irving and His Leadership Failure 

No matter who you, everyone is going to fail. NBA star, Kyrie, opens up about how he failed as a leader in Boston. He is starting over with the Brooklyn Nets.

Uproxx / 2 minutes

55 Books Learners Should Read

You may or not have chief learning officer in your title, but you can still lead others around you in what is learned. A community of learners got together and created a list you might enjoy.

Talent LMS / 34 minutes

Be More Like Mary

Does Jesus have preferences? Well, if you know the story Luke tells about Mary and Martha, you would say he does. Jesus has an upside-down economy and what he values more might surprise you.

Danny Franks / 2 minutes

The Mirage of Perfection

Do you struggle with perfectionism? Maybe being perfect or getting it done perfectly is just a mirage. There is a difference in making it better and perfect. 

Global Leadership Network / 3 minutes

5 Ways to Boost Trust with Guests

When a guest knows you have their back, they will have complete trust in you. Most consumers will spend/give more money if you deliver great service. Boost that number by increasing how you communicate with them.

Business 2 Community / 4 minutes

High Performers Quit Toxic Work Cultures

Toxic work cultures make going to work feel miserable. If you have been there or are there now, you get it. What exactly does a toxic work culture look like?

LinkedIn / 7 minutes

5 Self-Eval Emotional Intelligence Assessments

You don't know what you don't know, especially when it comes to emotions and their impact. You can't do something about what you don't know, right?! So, use one of these assessments to broaden the awareness of yourself.

The Enterpriser's Project / 3 minutes

One-Sentence Wisdom

"Leaders have inordinate power to create environments where dreamers and their dreams can flourish."
~ Terry Smith, Author and Pastor

Bonus (aka Free)

This whitepaper helps you manage conflict by providing a road map for healthy confrontation.

John Maxwell Company

Jason Young