Saturday Rundown #9

Happy New Year! Thank you for giving me two weeks to hang out with my family and work on assignments for my doctoral degree. It stinks that I was sick most of the break but I am slowly getting better. Here is what I have been reading the last few weeks - some of them I chose to reread because they were that good.

  • The Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham

  • Good to Great

  • Spiritual Leadership

  • The Character of Leadership

  • Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done

  • Tribes

  • Necessary Endings

  • The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make

  • A Work of Heart

What are you currently reading? Feel free to respond to this email.

Welcoming New Hires

How someone feels when they start working at your organization is important. The good thing is you get to craft a lot of what they experience. Imagine if the enthusiasm a job candidate felt from you when being asked to join the team was felt after they joined the team.

Lever / 4 minutes

Hire Great Guest Experience Team Members

Having a remarkable staff is critical to the success of your organization. The popular restaurant owner, Danny Meyer, hires for what he calls a team member's hospitality quotient. Specific traits are required to deliver a certain level of hospitality he believes every guest wants and deserves.

Forbes / 4 minutes

15 Steps to Peak Performance

We can all get better. What if we could operate more at peak performance? It's possible, especially when you hear what one organization did after fledgling for years. Small decisions. Massive results.

Cranfield / 5 minutes

How to Love People Well 

As a music leader and song writer, Jenn Johnson, understands creating spaces where people can respond. She sits down to talk about her heart for hospitality, which is all about loving people well.

YouTube / 57 minutes

The How of Wow

Everyone brings their expectations to each experience. Not every moment will be full of WOW. In fact, that is a good thing because when every moment is WOW then eventually nothing is WOW. So, how do you choose which moments should create WOW? Ask yourself five questions.

Michael Hyatt / 6 minutes

30 Behaviors to Make You Unstoppable in 2019

2019 brings the opportunity to get better. Better decisions. Better behaviors. Better results. Better relationships. But how?  Yes, this is a long read but it contains practical and easy-to-implement ideas. 

The Ladders / 45 minutes

5 Emotions First-Time Guests Feel at Church

You know how you felt when first attending a church. You might have even had a range of emotions. Remembering what you felt and what a first-time guest at your church feels can greatly help you design a remarkable experience for those walking in with five emotions.

Unseminary / 7 minutes

2 Things People Judge You on Immediately

People size you up fast. Author, Psychologist, and Harvard Business School Professor, Amy Cuddy, has researched and evaluated numerous other studies to find they reinforce the same thing: first impressions matter. Anyone you meet answers two questions when they meet you. 

Time / 2 minutes

One-Sentence Wisdom

"Whatever pleases God and advances his mission is what is important - not that we be used."
~ Jeff Iorg, President, Gateway Seminary


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