Saturday Rundown #12

Last week I told you that I would share the 11 types of people everyone needs in their life (at some point). Well, here they are:

  1. Clarifier: Asks helpful and difficult questions

  2. Specialist: Provides precision focus, moving you toward the intended target

  3. Challenger: Implores you to act boldly

  4. Creator: Brings an idea into existence by crafting workable action plans from just a few actionable points

  5. Connector: Leads you to other people

  6. Wise Elder: Lends experience and perspective

  7. Friend: Shares life’s journey without judgment and loves you 

  8. Strategist: Creates step-by-step simplicity from complex data and conversations

  9. Dreamer: Motivates you to dream without fear

  10. Coach: Builds on your strengths, corrects poor performance and encourages when energy fades

  11. Pastor: Provides spiritual guidance

Do you have one or more of these in your life right now? I would love to hear. Simply reply back to this email and let me know.

Beat Procrastination

Procrastination is harmful. In fact, it can result in depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, stress, and irrational beliefs. Nobody prides themselves in being a procrastinator but that doesn't mean it's enough to stop. What if avoiding or fighting through the slope of procrastination was the key to winning?

Darius Foroux / 4 minutes

A Guest Services Mentality in Your Organization

The guest will feel the heart of the organization and that comes from the staff and volunteers. Use quick and simple approaches to enhance the experience. If you don't read this whole piece, at least get your eyes on the last paragraph.

Customer Bliss / 4 minutes

"Millennial Burnout" for 16 Different People

Burnout is not uncommon. Maybe you've experienced it. How can it be avoided or navigated when facing it? Read how 16 people have experienced what is happening more and more around productivity and anxiety.

Buzz Feed News / 21 minutes

Why We Can't Get the Guest Experience Right

Technology is a hot item in experiences right now. If it is intended to be helpful, why is the guest experience not better because of it? Just maybe humanity has been replaced with technology but what people really crave is the very thing being replaced. Technology can be helpful but nothing replaces a positive human interaction. 

Customer Think / 3 minutes

What the Best Mentors Do

A research project revealed great leaders build other leaders and not followers. But how? They mentor with four key things in mind. Some of their ideas may surprise you.

Harvard Business Review / 4 minutes

Use This One Word with Guests

One word will get guests to come back. What is this one word and how do you make it happen?

Tim Miles and Co / 2 minutes

Create a Customer Service Action Plan

Providing outstanding service is both challenging and possible. What if the service your organization dreams about giving to every guest is more accessible and doable than you might imagine. Think first. Then do.

Toister Solutions / 2 minutes

One-Sentence Wisdom

"The conditions of modern-day living devour margin."
~ Dr. Richard Swenson, Author


Have you ever wanted to take a course at MIT? Do it now. Free. I have included one on organizational leadership and change.


Jason Young