Saturday Rundown #11

I spent time this week learning from a leader I know at a well-respected company. We talked all things hospitality and leadership since it's what we both do. We talked about how we learn. One thing stood out to me in our conversation. You need helpful and wise voices in your life. In fact, if you don't have any, you will not reach your ultimate potential. So, reach out to someone you can learn from regardless of industry. Sit down with them. Ask questions. Learn. Grow. Be better. Do better.

Next week I will share my personal list of the 11 types of people everyone needs in their life.

Declutter Your Digital Life

There are people who digitally hoard. 5,000 emails. 4,000 photos. You know all those numbers that stand out on each app that your eyes see each time the phone is used. The reasons why people do this is fascinating and dangerous all at the same time. It can even make someone feel out of control. That can change when one slowly decides to declutter all things digital.

BBC / 6 minutes

10 Word Choices to Use in Guest Experiences

Body language is always key when interacting with people. Word and tone are important as well. Using keywords in the right moments can be the difference maker effecting how the guest feels. You represent your organization and yourself well when you choose great words.

Ritz Carlton Leadership Center / 3 minutes

Leave Frantic Living Behind

Living a simpler life is a common desire. The decision to do it and putting forth the effort is the hard part. Setting realistic expectations for our lives, including using the word no, is paramount to living a healthier life. What if one element, silence, became a friend as frantic leaving was in your rearview mirror? It is possible but seems out of reach in a loud world.

Psych Central / 3 minutes

How to Create an Empathy Map

If you are designing anything for a guest, it is worth spending some time articulating what you know about that user and helping your colleagues to do the same. An empathy map will help you understand needs and make better decisions. It's a visualization tool that is a collaborative effort that highlights four quadrants: says, feels, does, thinks. 

Nielsen Norman Group / 8 minutes

CEO of Chick-fil-A Gives Customer Service Lessons

If you are breathing, you have heard about Chick-fil-A. CEO, Dan Cathy, regularly talks about how available space is for second-mile service. He has a toolkit that might get you to ask what is in yours? A baton, oxygen mask, roll of toilet paper, and a jar of Jiff peanut butter. 

SAS / 4 minutes

The Tall Poppy Syndrome

Some people love pulling you down, especially when you experience success. In Australia, the tall poppy syndrome is a real thing. It is probably something you have experienced too. How you do you handle criticism? Or, if you are the one who criticizes, how can you stop?

YouTube / 8 minutes

One-Sentence Wisdom

"The brain, like the body, changes most quickly in that sweet spot where it is pushed outside - but not too far outside - its comfort zone."
~ Anders Ericsson, Author


Are your weekend church experiences designed with intentionally and strategy? Pastor Andy Stanley paints a practical picture of how to further your mission and vision with a perspective that could get your team to talk.

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