Saturday Rundown #8

It's almost Christmas. You're busy finishing up 2018 well and planning 2019. I bet you are looking forward to Christmas. Are you hoping Santa brings you some rest over Christmas? I hope it's what you get over the next few weeks. Don't forget that when we travel fast in our work and with people, people feel it from us when they would love to experience a slower moment. That's when a memory is made. Try it.

Hospitality Needs Soul

The soul of an experience is the sum of a number of elements. When a guest experiences those elements, they see and feel the soul of your hospitality, which becomes memorable. Creating individual moments for a guest, all the time, gives way for a "wow" moment versus a not-so-great "whoa" moment. One brings a guest back and the other, well, does the opposite. 

Hospitality Times / 8 minutes

Focusing on People vs Managing Results 

Follow along with this CEO as he learns there are bigger things other than making products, bringing in profits, and growing for the sake of growing. There is no reason you shouldn't be great to your people. Care for them. Invest in them. Doing so will actually deliver bigger results. 

Inc / 3 minutes

Providing Guest Services on Social Media

Sharing great content on social media is only a part of what a guest cares about. They also want you to be responsive when they reach out on any social channel. Creating a few processes can set up your organization well to create a meaningful guest experience in an online world where we all live anyways.

Inc / 3 minutes

70-20-10 Rule for Leadership Development 

You want your team to become remarkable leaders. Choosing an approach based on where you want to go can feel overwhelming for fear of getting it wrong. Research reveals you need three types of experiences for your team. Spend 70% on challenging assignments, 20% on developmental relationships, and 10% on coursework and training. It could be a surprise to learn that many organizations spend lots of time on the last option and might miss the first two.

Center for Creative Leadership / 3 minutes

Beginning A New Guest Services Role

It's your turn to start a new guest service's role. Choosing where to start is important. What if a few simple things, in the beginning, set the stage for something better later? The first of three ideas is to go on a listening tour. When people know you want to listen to them and you then do something with what is said, you are beginning well.

LinkedIn / 3 minutes

Google Stopped Using Bullet Points

Fewer words. More pictures. That is not the standard combination of a slide deck. The person in the audience gives your slide three seconds. If they cannot read your slide in that time window, it's too complicated. Slides are billboards. People read them fast.  

Inc / 3 minutes

Quit Asking "What Do You Do?"

We all like to have helpful tools in our back pockets for that right moment. You have asked it and you have been asked it - "what do you do?" It's not the best question to build rapport with someone. There are eight other questions that will actually create better conversations, which could turn a stranger into a new contact on your phone or even a new friend.

Harvard Business Review / 4 minutes

One-Sentence Wisdom

"We wildly underestimate the power of the tiniest personal touch of kindness."
~ Hans Finzel, Author and President and CEO, Worldventure


2019 could be your best year ever. Many people have a love/hate relationship with goals. Michael Hyatt has three free videos on how to leverage the power of goal setting. Approaches and ingredients to explore along with mistakes to avoid are all found in this video series.

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