Saturday Rundown #7

Hello! As leaders, it is important for us to keep ourselves refreshed - it's the being part of who we are. The doing often takes the lead but can also run out of gas. The being is the fuel that makes the doing better. This weekend, take a little time to read through some of the items below. Think about how you can get better instead of how you can do more. There is only one you and you need to be as healthy as possible.

10 Ways to Appear Smart in Meetings

Truth. Humor. Both of these words sum up what you will read from writer and comedian, Sarah Cooper. When you sit in a meeting, you want to come across smart, right? Say the right thing and avoid saying the wrong thing. Follow these simple tricks and you'll hit a home run. 

The Cooper Review / 4 minutes

Nick Saban Exchanges Ideas 

Sometimes we are too close to something in order to see what needs to be seen and perhaps changed. One way to get perspective is by bringing in people who know about "your thing" so they can provide ideas. This is what the University of Alabama football coach, Nick Saban, does to make the program better. The very thing you dream about could be as close as one ask or one idea away. 

ESPN / 2 minutes

Greet Guests As Ritz Carlton Does

What you say and how you say it matters to every guest. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel knows this well. They have some tips and tricks that can help anyone create a remarkable guest experience beginning with an intentional greeting.

Ritz Carlton Leadership Center / 1 minute

Emoji Room Service 

If you are staying in a hotel and want room service, you normally call the assigned extension. Not at Aloft Hotels. To innovate the experience, now you communicate with them using emojis. After all, it's one major way guests communicate in everyday life and they want to incorporate that into their guest's stay.

Mashable / 2 minutes

Spend Five Hours Learning Each Week

Some of the top leaders read one hour each day. Learning is the single best investment of our time we can make. Those who work hard but don't take time to constantly learn could be the "at-risk" group. Working hard is the industrial era approach to getting ahead. Learning hard is the knowledge economy equivalent.

Medium / 11 minutes

Great Guest Experience Formula

There are so many elements you could include in a guest experience. How do you deliver a guest experience? Using their research, a company reveals the guest experience, when reduced to its granularity, includes four components: relevance, reliability, responsiveness, and convenience.

YouTube / 9 minutes

How to Get Fired at Apple

This will get you fired at Apple: cultural fit. There are smart people. There are hard-working people. However, if they lack people skills inside the organization, it can be costly. There can be coaching but the runway is short.

Time / 2 minutes

One-Sentence Wisdom

"Almost all the growth that's available to you exists when you aren't
like most people and when you work hard to appeal to folks
who aren't most people."
~ Seth Godin, Author


Perhaps you work in a church and get curious about what other churches have created. LifeChurch does a great job creating guest experiences and helping their Host Team know what's important. Check out their win and guidelines when choosing to be on the team.

LifeChurch / 1 minute

Jason Young