Saturday Rundown #2

Do you ever quietly long for a weekend with very little to do because you gave the week everything you had? If that's you, maybe you can scan a few articles below and chill out for a little bit. I've been there. Don't forget that only you can make sure you are making decisions to lead yourself well.

Go The Extra Mile

The basics are expected. Doing the extra is not a crowded space. Of all places, a fast-food restaurant employee decided to work with his head up and heart open and made a huge difference in the lives of two guests. Someone watching captured it all. You never know when someone else is looking. 

Fox News | 2 minutes

Get The Help You Need

It's impossible to survive and thrive in the modern world without asking for help. Many people dread making any type of ask and just absorb more work. Making the decision to ask, recognizing there are unproductive ways to ask, and learning subtle clues to motivate others to support you are keys in getting more of the right things done.

HBR | 10 minutes

Neuroscience Makes Feedback Feel Better

Researchers found that if you want to put people on edge, tell them they will receive some feedback. 87% of employees want to be developed but only 1/3 of them are receiving feedback from their supervisor. Many bosses simply don't know exactly what feedback they want or need to be developed. There is science why feedback is miserable and why it so rewarding when given and received.  What if the focus has been too heavy on getting the leader to give feedback when the concentration should be on the employee asking? Good feedback starts small, is explicit, and is asked for often by employees.

strategy+business | 15 minutes

Get to the Point

Reduce your nerves when you communicate by having a point. Communications expert, Joel Schwartzberg, guides the viewer on quick tips and tricks on how to relax by focusing on an obvious but often forgotten element.

Berrett Koehler / 1 minute

25 Ways to Thank Your Guests

Taking time to say thank you in creative and fun ways can be a distinction that you and your organization can make from others. Is saying thank you enough? Not anymore. Make sure the gravity of your thank-you actions are felt and talked about by those who receive them. Here are some familiar and unfamiliar tips and tricks to show the thank you that someone can feel.

Help Scout | 13 minutes

Empathy Quiz

This is a fun quiz to gauge how well you are at being empathetic. Maybe you are better than you think. Maybe not. This quiz draws from three scientifically validated scales that researchers have created to measure empathy. When you’re done, you’ll receive your score, along with feedback interpreting the score and tips for strengthening your empathy skills.

UC Berkeley / 10 minutes

Create World-Class Service

Imagine listening to Horst Schulze, creator of Ritz-Carlton Hotels, talk with Andy Stanley about how to create and deliver a remarkable experience your team and guests will love. You will discover small nuggets throughout this conversation between two leaders that model excellence in who they are and what they do.

Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast / (Part 1 – 30 minutes and Part 2 – 29 minutes)

Hire Smart

One challenge as a leader can be finding and hiring good people. The normal expectations you consider when looking for the right team member might be missing a few beneficial factors. Consider people who challenge assumptions and the "that's how we do it here" mentality can get you the best positive result. Don't forget that hiring the best people gives your guests the best opportunity to have a remarkable experience.

Leading the Change / 2 minutes

One-Sentence Wisdom

"Play for the name on the front of the jersey and
they will remember the name on the back."
~ Tony Adams, English Soccer Coach


Are you looking for an easy-to-read seven-day devotional on the subject of hospitality and leadership? Here is one you I think you will like. Okay, I might be slightly biased. You‘ll see why when you click the link. It's free.


Jason Young