Saturday Rundown #5

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! It has been a good few days of food, family, and fun for me. If you are recovering from all the food, taking breaks while shopping, or hiding out so you don't have to hang up anymore Christmas items, here is a little something for you to read.

Every Role a Starring Role

Some of the stunning features at Disney are done when there are no guests in the park. There are many roles that are not seen but every guest gets to experience. They embrace that every role is a starring role. This makes their cast members (aka employees) more engaged and valued.

Disney | 2 minutes

Great Bosses Defined 

Peter Drucker said, "Good employees quit when management is bad. Bad employees quit when management is good." A truly great boss is hard to find, difficult to part with and impossible to forget. If you've been there, you know.

LinkedIn | 1 minute

Create Endings for Great Results

Vision, a preferred picture of the future, will require some things to end. It's necessary. If there are areas of your life and leadership that are siphoning away your limited resources - time, energy, talent - prune them.

Leadership University / 2 minutes

Sweat the Small Stuff for Guests

To get a guest experience right, every detail matters. Even the ones you don't think anyone will see. Do the small things really well all the time. Processes tend to unravel when details are overlooked. Remember, the big picture is made up of a million small details. Think big, focus small.

Fox News | 3 minutes

What to Learn from a Private Jet Experience

Let's be honest...we might not ever be able to afford spending over $100,000 on a private flight. The Four Seasons' private jet is something beautiful to see. The seats. The loot. The food. The staff to care for you. These amenities might be out of reach but the thinking is not. I wonder what could be created for the guests we interact with based on the ultimate experience they want to have with our organization.

Bloomberg | 9 minutes

Get People to Accept Hard Decisions

Hard decisions are made. Hard decisions impact people. Sometimes those people being impacted by those hard decisions are not so open to it. In fact, they resent you and your reputation takes a hit. How to understand what makes decisions so hard, overcoming uncertainty, and overcoming value complexity might set up every leader to help the team member, organization, and the one making/communicating the decision win together.

HBR | 7 minutes

Top 10 Quotes from The Power of Moments

Time is limited but you still want to learn. Chip and Dan Heath wrote The Power of Moments about engineering powerful moments. Too often, we think great moments are primarily spontaneous. Many are planned. That is good news for anyone responsible for creating guest experiences.

Danny Franks | 3 minutes

One-Sentence Wisdom

"Hurry is incompatible with joy."
~ John Mark Comer, Author


Massachusetts of Technology (MIT) provides free classes online on a myriad of subjects. Join a talented professor in a classroom via video at this well-respected university to learn about how to use improv in the workplace. Watch students do improv activities followed up with feedback from their peers. It might be helpful for your workplace.

MIT | 52 minutes

Jason Young