Saturday Rundown #4

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I bounce around when listening to podcasts. Here are seven podcasts that I like:

Hotel Bathrooms Keep Evolving

Hotel bathrooms are a key element in a travel experience. It's often one of the first stops people check out when walking into their room. Not a surprise, cleanliness and presentation are super important. This article stirs up a desire to make sure the bathrooms we are responsible for look great since it's a part of the guest experience.

New York Times | 6 minutes

10 Benefits to Daily Appreciation 

You want it. I want it. We also should give it. Appreciation. Studies reveal consistent positive results when appreciation is given as a daily habit. People experience an improved mood, better innovation, increase smiling and engagement, and the desire to stay longer at their workplace. With simple tips included, we can all let someone know we are in their corner.

Global Leadership | 4 minutes

Smells Trigger Memories and Emotions 

Have you ever wondered why certain smells trigger a memory or emotion? Numerous research studies reveal that scent triggers more emotional memories and are better at inducing that feeling of "being brought back in time" than images. You can also find that smells churn up negative emotions too. 

Psychology Today / 4 minutes

Your First 90 Days at Work

It's the first day of work. What to do? Look ahead and create a plan for your first 90 days. Choosing what to focus on in this short window could determine sustainability and influence amongst new colleagues. If wise choices are made, healthy relationships, productivity, and momentum are found.

Dee Ann Turner | 2 minutes

Starbucks is the Innovating Customer Experience

It's no surprise that Starbucks is working hard on innovating the customer experience. They are leading with their mission statement and creating new consumer excitement in brick-and-mortar stores. What's amazing is that what they are focusing on isn't new for them. They are recapturing what they know and making sure it is done with intentionality and excellence.

QSR | 7 minutes

Great Leadership in 8 Counterintuitive Charts

A former reporter who transitioned into building things and then to leading others, realized that his new job was to enable teamwork. He quickly discovered the common wisdom he had heard for years might not actually be accurate. Taking a look at history-making leaders and companies, he outlines eight counterintuitive charts that describe what a great leader looks like.

Quartz at Work | 4 minutes

The Convenience Revolution

Popular guest experience maven, Shep Hyken, believes there are six ways every business can make what they do more convenient for the guest. When you do so, you are giving them time back, which benefits the one area of life that love most: their relationships. The greatest convenience could be the one you give your guest. This audio interview gives you insight on how to analyze every touch point in the guest experience.

Creative Warriors | 46 minutes

Honest Vulnerability > Pretending Life is Perfect

Social media can give people false permission to post what they want based on who they want people to think they are every day. Real life isn't always about the sunshine and neither should your social media posts. Many people using social outlets are taking a different approach to attract and keep an audience and that is to bring a holistic approach to showcasing their life. Why? It's the way people viewing social media are experiencing their life too.

Entrepreneur / 4 minutes

One-Sentence Wisdom

"What's it like to be on the other side of me?"
~ Jeff Henderson, Lead Pastor, Gwinnett Church


I wrote a book, The Come Back Effect, that was released on July 31. It focuses on how hospitality can compel guests to come back to your church and business. My team decided to provide a free team leader guide for those wanting to facilitate conversations about hospitality and leadership. You can grab it below.

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