I want to help people like you more but not in the way you may think. What if you could make better decisions that would help you lead others better, deliver remarkable hospitality to each person, and see guests come back again and again? Here are a few resources that can help you make that happen.

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mobile-optimized Videos

Do you or your team want to experience practical training? Here are 16 videos for $29.95 that are snackable, concise, and put into an action-oriented framework to help you and your team create remarkable moments for each guest.

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Now that you bought the book, The Come Back Effect, how do you intelligently guide your team through it? You got this! Download this free leader’s guide and you will be ready with quotes and questions when the conversations start.


Facebook live interview

I did a two-part interview where we talked about hospitality, leadership, and getting it right for guests and volunteers.


Podcast Interview

Listen in as I talk about how important it is to invest in staff and volunteers to create a dynamic guest experience.


Magazine Article

Read what it takes to be an emotionally intelligent leader, including 11 types of people to have in your life.