I am a hospitality, leadership, and emotional intelligence coach and communicator. I have worked with leaders in numerous churches and companies including Ford Motor Company, Life.Church, Chick-fil-A and others. I am also the Director of Guest Experience at Buckhead Church and North Point Ministries, a nationally known network of churches with 36,000 people in average weekly attendance. I wrote a book, The Come Back Effect, which focuses on how hospitality can compel guests to return to a church or business. It releases on July 31.

Partial list of clients who trust me:

  • Ford Motor Company
  • Life.Church
  • Chick-fil-A
  • North Greenville University
  • Matrix Residential
  • Loganville Christian Academy

Atlanta Tech Village greatly enjoyed Jason's workshop on being the leader you want to be. He has a very natural, warm, and approachable speaking style that makes his content highly relatable. His teaching style comes across as very sincere and he is obviously passionate about developing leaders.

Karen Houghton, Director, Atlanta Tech Village

In an age full of distractions creating experiences takes more than we imagine. When Jason's extreme focus, creative depth and deep network meets a challenge it results in great change. I've witnessed the humility and intentionality he brings not only to his work, but to his family and community. He reminds us that creating experiences that people love starts with loving people.

Travis Mason, Vice President Public Policy, Airbus & Former Chief of Staff, Google [x] Engineering

We were honored to have Jason speak to our leadership team. I was impressed with how easily he was able to step into our environment and lead an insightful and relative conversation on leadership & discipline.

Marcus Marshall, Regional Director of Operations, Concentrics Restaurants

Jason is an amazing servant leader; he is intensely focused on leadership development, and particularly gifted at helping good young leaders of today become outstanding leaders of tomorrow. Jason's down to earth, fun, and inspiring communication style will at the same time engage you and motivate you to attempt even bigger things for God. 

Jerry Hurley, Pastor of Team Development, Life.Church

Jason was an integral member of the team during our launch phase and helped us combined our corporate goals and that of the customers we served. He was able to connect with the key stakeholders to help us build our plan. Jason was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with him again.

Andrew Ashman, US Lincoln Operations Manager, Ford Motor Company

Jason is the real deal. He is a warm and authentic communicator who engages his audience when he speaks, through the use of humor, insight and challenge. Jason also adds values to teams through his creativity, optimism and out-of-the-box thinking and planning skills. He is a "genuine gentleman" and a colleague who works to make organizations better at achieving their mission.

Dr. Tim Elmore, President, Growing Leaders

One of the smartest things we have done in our Guest Services ministry is to work with Jason Young. He has served with us as a consultant, coach, trainer, and speaker. Jason’s wisdom and experience have been invaluable in developing our ministry. He is simply the best at what he does. Hire him!

Jeff Powell, Executive Pastor, Venture Church

I heard Jason speak recently and frankly, I and my other listeners were truly blown away. Jason combines great humor with a great message regardless of the subject matter. He is eloquent, intelligent and down to earth. I have heard Jason speak several times and each time, I feel like it's the first time. His message is always new and refreshing and definitely God motivated. This year alone I have heard him speak three times and his message was always clear, succinct and most inspiring. There was not one person in the room who did not feel motivated. Comments from employees there included, "I always enjoy listening to Jason," "I thought I would be bored listening to Jason again for the second time this year but it was, WOW!" and "Jason is a great speaker--- I really like him." I will be hearing him speak for the fourth time this year because we are asking him to come back. 

Nonyem Drayton, Executive Director, Bethany Christian Services

Jason will keep your audience engaged through compelling storytelling and critical leadership lessons that will benefit your team for many years to come. Using various communicative tools, he effectively delivers content that will help your unique organization go further faster. He has the rare ability to enlighten others, motivating organizational and personal transformation, with impressive clarity and concision.

Chad Logan, Campus Pastor, Cross Pointe Church

Within minutes of first meeting Jason, we knew that he was special. He is both motivational and relatable, using life experiences to lead listeners on a journey of self-awareness and exploration. Jason is an eloquent communicator and brought great value to our company.

Tracy Bowers, Managing Director, Matrix Residential

He's an entrepreneur and loves to help organizations improve their customer environments.

Tony Morgan, Chief Strategic Officer, Tony Morgan Live

Jason has a communication style that includes wit, passion, experience and knowledge. I highly recommend Jason to communicate on a myriad of topics and his insights into our Guest Services experience were fantastic!

Chris Patton, Lead Pastor, Southside Church

Jason has been very influential to me personally. He has an incredible gift of speaking to, relating with, and impacting the lives he comes in contact with every day. His passion and success for reaching the next generation is undeniable.

Brian Witham, Lighting Director, Mutemath

Jason is an exemplary communicator. He has the unique ability to instantaneously and effectively engage large or small groups, whether youth or adult, with his crazy sense of humor, intensity and sincerity.  And, as if that weren’t enough, his simple yet profound real life application examples are the “cherry on top!”  He has the rare trait of being able to speak to thousands, yet make an individual feel like he’s the only other person in the room. In short – he’s fantastic.

Mike Cahill, (Retired) Army, Former Assistant Research Professor, Auburn University

Learning to connect with the next generation of leaders doesn't just come from reading books, but by truly experiencing them. And Jason is someone who has put in the time and stood shoulder-to-shoulder with them enough to provide great insight into leading them! He is one of the best thinkers and activators I have worked with!

Jason Jeong, Director of Operations, m2M Strategies

Jason is a leader and coach who is passionate about investing in and influencing the next generation. He is a mentor that is committed to personal innovation, strategic growth and helping others excel in what God has called them to be. Jason is not only good at being strategic to get things done, but he is also someone who is deeply committed to relationships and building up those around him. He is someone that I am constantly learning from and I am honored to be coached by him.

Brent Fielder, Owner/Operator, Chick-fil-A and Former Associate Director of Staff Development, WinShape Camps

Jason is one of the most likable but execution-oriented leaders I know. He knows how to mobilize people and resources to achieve great things, but leaves a wake of loyal followers who would do anything for him.

Ben Arment, Creator, STORY and Author of Dream Year

Jason has made a positive impact on me both personally and professionally since I met him more than 12 years ago. He is always gracious with his time and provides valuable, sincere insights into leadership development. I have attended corporate events directed by Jason and I have been blown away by the level of interaction the experiences provided. I look forward to continuing my work with Jason and learning from him more.

Rob Tate, VP of Sales, PossibleNOW and CompliancePoint

God has used him mightily in the context of the First Baptist Church Woodstock. His leadership has risen to the occasion in a way that this ministry has greatly been enhanced. Jason has a real passion to see people grow. I highly commend him to you.

Johnny Hunt, Sr. Pastor, FBC Woodstock and Former President, Southern Baptist Convention

I am thankful for Jason's willingness to teach, for his passion about growing leaders and how he makes a difference in lives! He influenced my team leaders in a positive way. They can recall what he shared with them every time he would coach our leaders. Our leaders find themselves understanding leadership better and finding ways to help others grow. I know his style of communication connected.

Steve Warnstrom, Owner/Operator, Chick-fil-A

I am very grateful for the insight, advice and counsel Jason provided Calvary Church regarding Guest Services. His investment of time and priceless wisdom has already proven to benefit me as I strive to lead our Guest Services team. His influence impacted me as a leader, but also extended to the entire body of volunteers. We saw a definitive shift in passionate action throughout our volunteers. He is a skilled communicator, a good steward of time and resources, and genuine in his passion. I will forever be grateful for the inspiration and guidance he provided us. I look forward to working with him in the future.

Amanda Stanton, Director of Guest Services, Calvary Church

I’m extremely grateful for Jason’s love to coach and develop leaders like myself. Learning from his many years of experience in the art of guest services as helped take my personal leadership to the next level as I strive to make an impact here on my campus and community. As a coach and mentor his words of encouragement and creative insight have left me challenged and encouraged. My team is stronger, both in size and development, because of my time spent with Jason. 

Jay Porter, LifeGroups & LifeMissions Pastor, Life.Church