Great Leaders Grow

I have some friends with two sons. My wife and I would sometimes drop by their house with our daughter since one of their sons was close to her age. I noticed a growth chart on their wall. Every so often they would have both of their children stand against the wall to see how much they had grown. A new mark would go on the wall to track each child's growth.

Do you grow? Do you track your growth? Not how tall you are but how you are growing as a leader. You may not be paying attention to it or the lack thereof, but others are doing it for you by watching how you lead each day. Why not recapture control over your own growth? After all, when you do so, you begin growing faster and in a healthier direction.

In the December 2015/January 2016 issue of Fast Company magazine, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg's growth chart includes personal challenges on growing as a leader:

  1. 2009 - Wear a tie every day. 
  2. 2010 - Learn Mandarin.
  3. 2011 - Only eat animals he kills himself.
  4. 2012 -Code every day.
  5. 2013 - Meet a new person every day who doesn't work at Facebook.
  6. 2014 - Write at least one thank-you note every day.
  7. 2015 - Read a new book every two weeks.

I know you're busy. Mark Zuckerberg is too. We all are. That is no longer a reason. If you don't like being so busy and would like to grow, there may be necessary endings required for some of those things you do.

Is there one thing that you could choose to grow in for the remaining months of 2016? Becoming the best version of you requires you to go deeper, and the result will be more than you thought possible.