14 Reasons Church Signs Bother Me

I drive by many church signs and scratch my head. I have feelings that include being amused, embarrassed and ashamed by what I read. As a disclaimer, I am not against all church signs.

I saw one sign tonight near my house and was reminded why most church signs bother me.

  1. They are corny.
  2. They include misspellings.
  3. They are theologically wrong.
  4. They make one letter out of two letters because they ran out of letters.
  5. They are for regular church attendees.
  6. They reinforce what unchurched guests already feel about the church. 
  7. They have letters missing and leave the space blank.
  8. They include churchy words.
  9. They don't empathize with the unchurched guest.
  10. They simply don't make sense.
  11. They can be judgmental.
  12. They don't match inside the church to what's being advertised.
  13. They include too many words.
  14. They try to be creative but can offend.

Advice: If you work at a church that uses a sign to post messages, think about the people driving by your church. Choose your words wisely. Don't be afraid to remove the message part of your church sign and just have your name. It might actually be more helpful to people looking for a church.