How to Lead High Capacity Leaders

I would suspect your to-do list is rarely clear. If your job is anything like mine, there can be never-ending demands on your time. In fact, we can easily get distracted with our list and miss what is necessary in order to build a team of great leaders.

If you lead a team, paid staff or volunteers, a primary responsibility you have is to train and develop each person. Easier said than done, right?

Let's be honest...there are some people who are not that interested and then there are other high capacity leaders that expect it. 

I was recently on a panel fielding questions from hundreds of other leaders when someone asked how to lead high capacity leaders.

I answered his question and then thought about it more after our session. Here are twelve ideas on how to lead high capacity leaders:

  • Don't be intimidated by them.
  • Let them see your humility and confidence as you lead.
  • Give them a big picture to put their arms around.
  • Connect the big picture to behaviors.
  • Clarify expectations.
  • Connect the emotional impact on leaders with their responsibilities.
  • Give them meaningful responsibilities to carry.
  • Identify what winning looks like.
  • Ask for their insight on particular situations.
  • Give them moments to develop other leaders on the team.
  • Trust them.
  • Give them feedback.
Leaders often do not trust their team members to lead, not because the team is incapable, but because the leader doesn’t trust how well he/she trained them to lead.