How to Make it Through a Busy Work Season

You are either coming out of a busy work season, in the middle of a busy work season, or preparing to enter into a busy work season.

Tired? Excited? Frustrated? Overwhelmed?

Maybe you feel a little of everything right now.

It seems life is always busy, but there are certain work seasons that are busier than others. How do you make it through a busy work season? For me, here are 15 reminders that keep me going:

  1. There is an ending date
  2. It is an opportunity to distinctively shine
  3. Don't neglect personal development
  4. Intentionally create brief moments to breathe
  5. Guard against sacrificing excellence for speed
  6. Keep people the priority
  7. Don't let pressing tasks trump the overall mission
  8. Postpone major decisions
  9. Watch your attitude with everyone
  10. Integrate others into the plan
  11. Acknowledge it is okay to feel stressful right now
  12. Lean in regardless of the pain
  13. Go home and be fully present with my family
  14. Outsource what I can
  15. Remember God is with and for me

Keep going. 

Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust him to help you do it, and he will.
— Psalm 37:5