What It Means To Be A Team Player

It takes us all to do it all. Another way to say it is that teamwork makes the dream work. 

People you work with have labeled you as a team player or not a team player based on how you behave. The same is true for me.

How do you know if you are a team player? Ask yourself the following:

  1. Do I receive feedback?
  2. Do I submit to authority?
  3. Do I resolve relational conflict?
  4. Am I openhanded with ideas?
  5. Do I bring all my skills and gifts to the team?
  6. Am I committed to the mission?
  7. Do I encourage and support my team members?
  8. Am I open to who gets the credit?
  9. Do I share my feelings and opinions?
  10. Do I trust my team members?
  11. Do I deliver excellent results?