Responsibilities of a Host and Guest

After spending time with my friends Aaron and Megan Keyes, I was inspired to think about how to be a remarkable host and guest. 

Have you ever hosted someone in your home or served a guest at your church? If so, how would your guest grade you?

Here are a six tips on how to be a great host:

  1. Approach the guest
  2. Meet the guest's needs
  3. Feel personally responsible for the guest
  4. Be cheerful to the guest
  5. Help the guest feel at home
  6. Remain flexible

What kind of host are you?

Have you ever been the guest in a home or at a church? Of course. Did you know there are certain behaviors a guest should demonstrate? 

Here are four tips on how to be a great guest:

  1. Comply with requests of the host
  2. Express gratitude
  3. Remain flexible
  4. If you have children, watch that they honor the "rules" too

What kind of guest are you?