6 Easy Ways to Show Your Volunteers Some Love

Do you need easy ways to tell your volunteers, "You rock?" Hopefully, these six ideas are easy enough for you to pull off. Our volunteers are worth loving!

  1. Write a personal note or send a card (could even be digital).
  2. Decorate your volunteer room or space where you meet with hearts, fun candy, inspirational quotes around the room, thank you notes posted up, and stories you have received from guests about how much the volunteers have created a remarkable experience.
  3. Email them this obnoxious song and tell them you are serious about saying thank you, but not serious about the crazy video they just watched.
  4. Feed them a good meal next they come to serve.
  5. Give them some fun church swag...if it's cool.
  6. Stop walking by them in the halls. Next time you see your a volunteer, pause long enough to look at them and say one thing you love about who they are or what they do.