My 2015 Spiritual Growth Plan

I am a leader focused on growing spiritually. I like to keep things fresh. For 2015, I decided to embrace two simplified ideas.

My choice this year for spiritual development is influenced by a bigger idea that I wrote about here. If I can focus 1% more on how to become more like God, how would my growth be over the next year?

Here is what I am doing:

1. I purchased a stack of inexpensive spiral notebooks. I found a New Testament reading plan on YouVersion. Instead of just reading it, I am writing it out. This allows me to engage three of my five senses to increase retention.

  • Sight: I see the words while reading. 
  • Hearing: I hear myself read the words aloud.
  • Touch: I write out .

2. I purchased a book that has small snippets of content that forces me to reflect. To be honest, I love to read and the longer the section the more I will read. Therefore, I need a brief block of content. I then select a sentence/verse or two and write them down in my leather journal. I then meditate on them all day. I work hard to see how I can put them into play regardless of what my day demands from me.

I have learned a simple lesson: you don't automatically grow spiritually, but you can automatically die spiritually if you neglect to nourish yourself. I have discovered that God longs to be loved by each of us and that begins when we pursue him through obedience.