The First And Final Impression Matter

We sensationalize our focus on getting the first impression done well, and can often be guilty of overlooking the final impression.

Both matter.

The first impression introduces the guest to what they can expect to experience.

However, it is short term.

The consecutive moments bridge to the final (lasting) impression which will remind the guest that what they experienced was sustainable, consistent, and intentional.

Create a final impression that creates a want-to return feeling.

A guest will not necessarily leave with detailed thoughts, but they will leave with certain feelings. At some point, they will attach value to their experience primarily based on these feelings. You know as well as I do that emotions drive value, at least perceived value. Because of this fact, it is imperative to remember that the final impression is carrying the first impression all the way through until the end and then adding a little extra surprise and delight.

Connecting with every guest is about making people feel respected and connected to your brand.
— Maxine Clark, Founder of Build-a-Bear