Romance Your Guest

When I read stories and comments from people about their positive experiences with a brand, a common theme emerges: how someone made them feel. It's as if the employee elevated the dignity of that individual.

At the end of the day, it is how you make a person feel. At least, how they perceive you made them feel.

I sometimes like to stroll in and check out the sale rack at my local Nordstrom.

I recall one specific experience when we loaded up the family and headed to the mall. After some shopping, the kids wanted to hang in the play area. My wife kindly said feel free to go walk around in Nordstrom. I took her up on the offer. To be honest, I needed a little break. It was one of those shopping experiences where the kids drive you crazy. Ever had one of those?

I found myself walking into the section that offers casual clothing. That is where I first met Mitzi.

She was cool. Her approach was chill. She warmly greeted me and said she was close if I needed anything. She gave me space. After looking through a few items, I approached her with a question. She actively listened and not only answered my question, but answered the question behind the question. This gal knew how to care for people. A few minutes later, I found myself asking her more questions. I felt she was fully present and really cared about helping me make the best clothing decision. She was honest when I asked her opinion.

Well, I purchased a few items. After paying, she intentionally stepped out from behind the counter, looked me in the eye, genuinely smiled, thanked me and used my name, and gave me the shopping bag. I left and felt like she was for me. She wanted me to look my best. She wanted me to feel good in what I was wearing. She treated me as if I purchased the most expensive items in the store when I actually purchased sale items. 

When you choose to elevate the dignity of an individual, you create a memorable and meaningful moment that includes a palpable feeling.

Fast forward one week later and I went to my mailbox to find a handwritten note from Mitzi (see above). I assumed it was a general note but she referenced the items I purchased.

Guess what? Whenever I return to the mall, I always want to talk with Mitzi. I trust her opinion and know she gives great care. For me, she created moments of surprise and delight. She could have created a transactional moment, but instead provided something relational. That distinctive defined everything she did for me and the other guests she serves each day.

How can you create surprise and delight moments for your guests?