How To Gain A Fan

I purchased three whiteboards for our house. After installing two of the whiteboards, I realized the third one was not needed. Intending to return it, I ended up leaving it in my garage until I realized the 90-day return policy would shortly be over. In fact, I only had one day left.

I loaded the whiteboard in the bed of my truck, which seemed like a good idea until it blew out into the street because of high winds. Slightly embarrassed, I loaded it again and hoped that when I arrived at Lowe's I would have an item in good shape to return.

Thanks to the wind, I barely made it inside the store carrying the whiteboard. At the customer service desk, a nice young lady took my receipt and kindly said, “I cannot take this back.” I pointed out that it was still within the 90-day window. She then turned the receipt around and said, “Look.” The receipt was from Home Depot. I dropped my head and jokingly said, “I’m not sure the whiteboard will make it to the other store with the wind like it is.” I picked up the board and began to leave when I saw her come around the corner, scan the product, and hand me a gift card for the full amount that was on the receipt.

Guess who gained a fan? They did! That interaction has changed my personal shopping preference for a home improvement store.

What would it look like if your Guest Services' team did something unexpected to surprise and delight a guest? You just might gain a fan! You have a unique opportunity to exceed the expectations of your guests every week.