God Attends to Our Hurt

I remember when my son, Jake, was two years old. Like a lot of little children, he would often become victim to bumps, cuts, and bruises. Literally, every time he fell down he would walk over to me, point to what hurt and say, "Hurt. Kiss. Please." I would gladly lean over and kiss his boo-boo. He would say, "Thank you, Daddy." He would then run off.

Jake asked me to kiss his boo-boos because:

  • He knows I care.
  • He and his pain want attention.
  • He believes relief will come if he makes his pain known.
  • He believes I can do actually do something about his pain.

Some of you are hurting right now. You desperately need relief. Perhaps you ask yourself how it's possible to move forward feeling like you do or carrying the weight of a specific situation or relationship. 

Perhaps you desire the comforting attention from a father. For you, perhaps the word "father" stirs up unpleasant memories. For others of you, there are memories of your father that you will forever cherish.

God, who the Bible calls a caring Father, deeply empathizes with your hurt. Would you let Him attend to your hurt? Your pain may not immediately go away, but somehow you will feel an indescribable comfort. He sees you. He knows what you need. He is able to help.

Why should you ask him to attend to your hurt?

  • He cares for you.
  • He will give you and your pain attention.
  • He will provide you relief if you make your pain known.
  • He wants you to believe that He can actually do something about your pain.
Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.
— 1 Peter 5:7