Seven Needs of Every Volunteer

When you become familiar with the basic needs of your volunteers, you develop an increased ability to create a remarkable experience for them. After all, they are delivering the experience to your guests.

If you work with volunteers, you know they are busy and have needs. If you have the ability to maximize each of these seven basic needs, you are on your way to leading a happy volunteer base.

Need #1: Communication 

Make sure what you say is clear, helpful, repeatable, and accurate.

Need #2: Encouragement

Give team members specific affirmation and they will give you their perspiration.

Need #3: Resources 

Identify and deliver tools that help your team members to be healthy, efficient, and effective.

Need #4: Measurable Outcomes

Provide clear wins to team members because this allows them to know where they are headed and when they arrive.

Need #5: Team Identity 

When team members understand who they are as a group, they begin to discover how their individuality can enhance the team.

Need #6: Team Spirit 

The level of energy output is contingent upon how well they trust each other, the degree of fun involved, and if they sense the entire team is for each individual.

Need #7: Feedback Channel

When team members believe you care about what they think, they tend to care more about the team, the mission, and then give a higher percentage of their best.