Six Negative Listening Habits

In her activity book, Emotional Intelligence, author Adele Lynn identifies six negative listening habits. As you read through them, you might be tempted to say, "That accurately describes _____ (insert a name)." Instead, explore which habit and definition might best describe you. After reading them multiple times, I found myself saying, "Yikes, I do that one." Recognizing which habit I demonstrate allows me to proactively create a strategic plan to become an active listener. After all, who like being around somebody that doesn't listen well or not at all?

  1. Rebuttal Maker - listening long enough to give a rebuttal
  2. Advice Giver - listening long enough to give unsolicited advice
  3. Interrupter - more anxious to speak words than to listen
  4. Logical Listener - not asking about underlying emotions attached to a message
  5. Happy Hooker - using the speaker's words only to get to his own message
  6. Faker - pretending to listen