Why Hamptonality Wins First Place

Hampton Hotels, part of the Hilton Worldwide portfolio of brands, wins again as the number one franchise for the fourth time in five years. 


They have an outstanding attitude toward providing friendly service, conveniences like rooms with plenty of outlets, a clean and fresh bed guarantee, and a no-questions-asked money-back policy. It is something they have branded, Hamptonality.

Each year Entrepreneur Magazine selects the top franchises, domestically and internationally, to stand out on their Franchise 500 list. This year's list included popular brands, but nothing was close to what Hampton Hotels achieved. Winning the coveted top spot once is an accomplishment, but winning it four times in five years is rare.

As I read through which franchises were selected, I kept returning to Hampton Hotels and why they are loved. It is nothing lavish they do for people. It is nothing overly difficult they create. Rather, they focus on simple elements guided with an empathetic attitude that makes each guest feel like they are the most important person in the hotel. 

I wonder what it would be like if we created a feeling like that for each guest that walked through the doors of our church. They just might return. Imagine focusing on simple elements guided with an empathetic attitude that influences guests to come back, invite others to come with them, and even stay.

We don't have to do the extreme to have people enjoy coming to church. It is about doing the simple really well all the time. After all, hospitality at its core is about a having care and concern for another resulting in a generous act of service.

How we feel about guests when they enter our church is directly proportionate to how the guest feels about us when they leave.