Is Nordstrom Better Than the Church?

A great way to learn how to deliver a consistently remarkable guest experience is to hear a story about how someone else is doing it. We are familiar with brands that set the standard in the customer service industry such as Disney, Ritz Carlton, and Nordstrom. Here is a story laced with emotion, extreme care, empathy, second-mile service, and why the customer is loyal to the brand.

I often think that brands take better care of people than does the church. If a store that sells clothes can create such an experience that someone is loyal to them, why can the church not do more? Every church should value guest services and what it means to each guest. After all, what we do has to do with offering each person an opportunity to become a Jesus-follower. Being a steward of this opportunity is both a privilege and responsibility. May the church one day be included on the list of those that set the standard for taking care of people.